Better Business Process Management Everyday.

World’s first business platform that’s built on the fundamentals of information search, collaboration and security.

Adaptable Click and connect

At Krawler, we believe it is high time that Business Application companies start delivering platforms that are tailor-made to customer needs rather than force their platform on customers. XML based architecture design enables Krawler platform to be highly inter-operable across devices, applications and legacy systems.

Scalable The power of p2p

Krawler Enterprise Platform is extremely scalable to any business environment. XML based technology design enables Krawler libraries to be plugged in straight away or developed further easily for quick scalability.

Easy To Use Learn Collaborate Done

Intuitive and ultra modern Krawler user interface provides a positive business user experience. Working on an application that not only works great but also looks great adds to Employee Productivity

Next Generation Platform Community is the operating system of your enterprise

Krawler Enterprise Platform incorporates latest Web 2.0 technologies such as search-as-you-type, community tools, social networking, collaboration, tagging and advanced tools like AI and Natural Language Processing to provide a rich user experience. Don’t take our word for it – call us for an obligation free pilot – and see for yourself.

Secure Built on the fundamentals of security

Krawler is VPN secure. That means it employs advanced security features, role based access controls, logging and auditing to ensure that your business remains safe from intrusion - both from inside and outside your organization.