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Deskera Project Management

Deskera Project Management Suite is a flagship offering from Krawler, providing powerful functionalities for enterprise and team level project management. The suite includes a host of Web 2.0 office and project management applications for effective project planning and monitoring and efficient resource utilization.

From setup to closure, you have access to powerful tools to view the health of your projects, gather information quickly, create your work plan and collaborate with team members.

Project Collaboration

Individually track project status through project Gantt charts, maintain to-do lists, access files through the Document Manager and keep track of multiple projects and personal activities through ‘all – in – one’ Calendars. Access information on the go, through mobile browsers or even when offline. Easily incorporate changes in schedules, resources, personnel and more and alert employees in case of new updates. Communicate with team members in real time through Email, IM or virtual conferencing tools offered by Krawler Meetings.

Project Planning

Develop task structures, assign priorities, define multiple milestones and allocate resources using powerful Enterprise 2.0 tools including interactive Gantt charts, Task Manager, Calendar and Resource Manager. So if goals and tasks go haywire in the middle of the project, employees just need to access their Project Workspace to stay on track.

Project Reporting and Analytics

Leverage a variety of Reporting and Analytics tools to know where your project is headed and also determine project health through KPI metrics. Extract relevant data through professional reports, charts and various other reporting tools. Assess project status and performance right from your Dashboards through KPI metrics and real time status updates. Generate Visio and MS Excel compatible report templates, or import reports from third party applications to get the right data in the right form.

Resource Management

Easily assign resources to tasks and adjust assignments to resolve allocation conflicts. Finances can be managed by assigning budgets to projects and programs. Track resource usage against budgets and monitor cash flows using user defined Key Performance Indicators. Generate resource sheets customizable to suit project needs for periodic reporting and analysis.